Wind-Blox FAQ

Can you show me how to mount Wind-Blox on my helmet?

Check out our infographics, videos and text on how to mount Wind-Blox or just give us a call at (503)891-5728. We’re always glad to offer you fitting help!

Do Wind-Blox work with hearing aids?

Yes. Hearing aid wearers report a much quieter ride and a greater ability to hear vehicles while wearing Wind-Blox.  We have also received great feedback from riders who have tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Will Wind-Blox stop me from hearing cars or cover my ears?

No.  Wind-Blox Pro series do not cover the ear or obscure hearing in any way. In fact in ambient testing there was even a small amount of gain in desirable sound! And the Wind-Blox Focus warms your ears and the patented Wind-Blox technology helps you Focus your attention on the sounds around you as you ride.

Are certain helmets or straps better for Wind-Blox?

Yes. Helmets that have straps closer to the face and in front of the ears work better than those which hold the straps away from the face. Check out this chart showing how to choose Wind-Blox!

Do Wind-Blox work on different types of bikes and in different positions?

Yes. While riding upright or recumbent are the best positions, we have had positive results with drop bar riding as well. Tandem riders love wearing Wind-Blox, too…they can finally have conversations!

Shipping: Can I buy Wind-Blox if I’m not in the US?

Sure: We gladly ship Wind-Blox worldwide and have customers on every continent besides Antartica, though we’d be game.

Do I need to buy two in order to outfit one helmet?

No. Wind-Blox are packaged as a pair, and should be worn on helmet straps with one on each side of the face in front of the ear.

How do Wind-Blox compare to other products?

Check out our detailed comparative matrix.

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