I love, love, love mine!!! -- David
I highly recomend these.  It is a good feeling to be able to hear clearly with out the wind noise.  Being aware that a car is approaching is such a secure feeling.  If you wear a helmet, Wind-Blox are, in my opinion essential. -- Sandra
Just picked up my first pair of Wind-Blox--what a world of difference they make! Never appreciated just how loud wind noise was until I had them.  -- Matt
"The new design of the Wind-Blox Pro made riding safer and more stylish as the product became sleeker and easier to use." -- Tyler
"It blocks wind and therefore noise is not affecting your biking and you could be aware of what's going on around while biking...plus it’s really comfortable on the helmet and ear." -- Arnoldo
"When I use these, I can hear my dad talking and giving me directions" -- Kevin
"Even at higher downhill speeds it is a huge difference.... Thank you again for a great product.  Hope to see it in stores." -- John
"I've put these on my helmet and they make a huge difference in reducing noise levels. Highly recommended!" -- Michael
"Heard the sweetest little birds chirping on my ride to work today. Thanks Wind-Blox!" -- Drew