Meet the Wind-Blox Team

Wind-Blox cycling noise reducers

Mike Fajen – Co-Founder

Mike’s work as a professional engineer is what drove him to find a solution to the wind noise he encountered on his 13 mile bike commute in Portland, Oregon.  His initial discovery and the resulting passion for promoting audible riding has driven the work of Wind-Blox.  He created, tested and championed each step the company has made since its inception. Along with Adrienne, Mike holds the patent for Wind-Blox products.

Adrienne Fajen – Managing Partner

Adrienne’s first big project for Wind-Blox was creating and managing the company’s successful Kickstarter program in the fall of 2013.  Since then she has taken the early designs and turned them into what they are today: two different and effective cycling lines of wind noise reducers.  Her efforts have become patents for both the Wind-Blox Pro series products and the Wind-Blox Focus. She has been a recreational rider since childhood and knows that Wind-Blox will make a difference for all cyclists.

Ted Finch – VP of Marketing

Ted has launched over 450 products for over 200 vendors including Microsoft, HP, Adobe, Intel, Epson, Novel, Autodesk, Citrix, IBM, Western Digital, Sony, Disney, Netscape, and more.  He is the former VP Marketing at Harcourt, Sr. VP at Motorola, and a VP at GE. In addition, he helped form Red Storm Entertainment with Tom Clancy, and led the marketing team that published Netscape.   Ted was the president of the BYU chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  

Ted started cycling, both touring and racing in 1973, has cycled throughout much of the United States (recently cycling through the Rockies), within Asian Pacific, taught bike science and repair at two colleges, built high-end custom wheels professionally, is friends with former US Olympic cyclists, and has been the president of four (4) bike clubs. He started working with Wind-Blox after first becoming a happy customer.

Elise Duchesne – Co-Founder

Elise has been around since the beginning—brainstorming with Mike when Wind-Blox was a dream. She has participated in the founding of the company and creation of the business plan, and helps direct the goals of the company.  Elise has served the business since the very beginning and now acts as a very active on-call collaborator.  You might see her if you join the Portland Tweed Ride.